Thursday, January 22, 2015

Lesson Learned Available as Single Novella!

I know it's recommended that an author find their voice and brand and stick with it, but I started out with two very different heat levels, and I still enjoy writing both. It's even on my website,

Want Help Choosing?
If you are looking for a hot, wacky romp that will have you laughing from beginning to end, try an Ashlyn Chase/Dalton Diaz. Our duo tagline says it all -  "Tongue in cheek and everywhere else!"
If you like it HOT, HOT, HOT with a touch of humor, go for a Dalton Diaz or a Dalton Diaz/Samantha Cayto.
My newest release is definitely from the Hot, Hot, Hot with a touch of humor side!  Originally released as part of the Campus Cravings bundle in 2014, Lesson Learned is now available as a stand-alone novella. 

Adam Warren is counting down the days until he can put “Professor” next to his name—and his disastrous past with Tyler Ford behind him.
When a fluke puts Tyler in Adam’s class, the graduate assistant faces some hard choices while Tyler faces an uphill battle for a second chance at first love.

So here's two pieces of great news, one for me, one for you! 
Lesson Learned has made the bestseller list on All Romance Ebooks! 
Lesson Learned is being offered for 99 cents  on all venues through Sunday, 1/26!

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Friday, January 16, 2015

Moonpie over Mobile

It's not Times Square on New Year's, but my town of Mobile, Alabama drops a Moon Pie on December 31st and has done so since 2008. It's  a 12-foot-tall lighted mechanical banana colored Moon Pie. We made national news again and I saw several Facebook post about what a Moon Pie has to do with Mardi Gras. Well, we are home to the ORIGINAL Mardi Gras (contrary what those folks over in New Orleans think -- big rivalry, mind you). 

Moon Pies have been made at the Chattanooga Bakery since 1917. Earl Mitchell Junior said his father came up with the idea for Moon Pies when he asked a Kentucky coal miner what kind of snack he would like to eat, and the miner requested something with graham cracker and marshmallow which had been dipped in chocolate. When Mitchell's father asked how big it should be, the miner looked up in the night sky and framed the full moon with his hands.

Throwing Moon Pies originally began in Mobile, where they are still the catch of choice for the parades there. But why a Moon Pie? A lot of people that aren’t that familiar with the Mobile style should know that before 1974, food has always been involved as a throw ever since 1949, when Crackerjacks, (peanuts and caramel nuggets) were thrown by a lot of krewes as a treat for the revelers. Crackerjacks, were brought about because they were a cheap alternative to beads.
However, people kept getting beamed with the end of those rectangular boxes. Mobile city officials banned the candied popcorn about 1972. A lot treats and articles preceded the Moon Pie icon as the krewes searched for a replacement. 

The first to throw of Moon Pies were the krewe of “Maids of Mirth” in 1974. Soon other krewes followed. They first came in chocolate dipped graham cracker cookies with a marshmallow center. Now, the famed cookies come in also banana, coconut, orange and vanilla. Peanut butter is pretty popular down here, too, and I hear there's strawberry and apple.

Hope you enjoyed your Southern history lesson. (Thanks to Wikipedia and "The History of the Mardi Gras Moon Pie" by Aaron Lane, Planet Radio, copyright March 7, 2011 for the help). 

Happy 2015!

Southern Smiles,
Casey Crow

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A picture is worth a thousand words...and then some

Potpourri of fave graphics I've mash-up of these four pics:

Cinderella takes a bubble bath with the Rogue from Rome while trying to follow her New Year's Resolutions!




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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Hello summer!

Winter. I hate it! I can't stand it! I live in a state that borders frickin' Canada, and they have a tendency to leave the back door open. Brrr...

Well, I'm not one to suffer and whine. I try to DO something about my little problems. So, several years ago, I bought a timeshare in Florida. Yup. A week right on the beach after the holidays and during my birthday week. (Some people have a day. I stretch it to a week.) I love to spend my special day kayaking on the St. John's River.

Okay, so the river I use is a whole lot calmer than this. To me any water sport is an adventure. Just ask my daughter why she'll never canoe again. (It has to do with getting lost in a swampy area with long tendrils of hair-like vegetation hanging from trees, making the impending darkness seem even darker.) Like I adventure! Don't worry. We found our way out before nightfall. Visions of gators and snakes were totally unfounded.

As I type this, I'm still at home. A storm is about to hit and our plane is scheduled to leave just as it really gets going. I don't need to tell you what awful words will exit my mouth if we're grounded...

But here's my point. (Oh, yeah, I did have one...) It has to do with the title. I've heard enough about the law of attraction to know I need to think positive. I positively will be enjoying warm weather and sunshine right. f*cking. now! Hee hee. I think I need it. Can you tell?

How do you feel about winter?